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Jelly Roll™ Tube Maker


The strong, sturdy and durable Jelly Roll™ Tube Maker will ease the process of creating the fabric and batting tubes.

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The strong, sturdy and durable Jelly Roll™ Tube Maker will ease the sometimes tedious and painful folding process of creating the fabric and batting tubes.

To make the fabric and batting tube:

  • Start with a batting strip up to 2 1/2" wide.
  • Place a batting strip on the wrong side of the Jelly Roll™ fabric strip.
  • Feed the layered (fabric and batting) strip, batting side up, into the wide end of the Jelly Roll™ Tube Maker. If needed, place a sewing awl in the slot on the tool to pull the layered strip through.
  • Then fold the now magically folded, layered strip in half as it comes out the other end and place it under the sewing machine and slide along as you sew.

The metal Jelly Roll™ Tube Maker may be used with or without an iron (with caution) for other similar technique projects.

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