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Removes draggy coating. Easy and handy to use.
  • Removes draggy coating. Easy and handy to use.

Faultless® Hot Iron Cleaner


Removes draggy coating. Easy and handy to use.

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Removes draggy coating. Easy and handy to use. Use each time you finish ironing to maintain the soleplate. Makes irons glide. Removes melted fusibles. Safe for all metal, Teflon and Silverstone surfaces. Use Hot Iron Cleaner to remove melted webs, fusibles, iron-on interfacings, trims, burned-on synthetics and coatings caused by excess starch and detergent buildup. Keep a towel, treated with Hot Iron Cleaner, handy for repeated use while ironing. Makes iron glide easier so ironing seems faster.

So easy to use:

  • Be sure iron is HOT, preferably "cotton" setting.
  • Do NOT use on cold iron.
  • Empty water from steam iron before cleaning
  • Use care in handling hot iron.
  • Squeeze about two inches of Hot Iron Cleaner onto an old 100% cotton terry towel. (Do not use a synthetic cloth.)
  • Rub hot iron over towel in circular motion.
  • Move to a clean area of towel and wipe to remove all traces of Hot Iron Cleaner.

Note: If iron coating is heavy, repeat application. You may notice some smoke while cleaning. This is normal and part of the cleaning process. Hot Iron Cleaner will not remove permanent changes in metal finish, such as heat discoloration or water stains.

Important: After cleaning, wipe thoroughly with heavy clean cloth. Be sure all Hot Iron Cleaner is removed from steam vents and around upper edge of soleplate before using iron. Hot Iron Cleaner left on iron may spot or damage fabrics.

Note: Spots can be washed out or removed with spot lifter. 

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