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Choose the best color combinations.
  • Choose the best color combinations.

ColorScope™ Color Selector


Choose the best color combinations.

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Choose the best color combinations.

  • Repeats viewed colors.
  • See how colors work together.
  • Great for: Knitters, quilters, and painters.

View fabrics, yarns, paints, papers or other colored materials through the ColorScope™, and its internal mirrors repeat the colors giving you an idea of how they will look together in your finished project. ColorScope™ helps determine the dominant color(s), contrast, tone, pattern and ultimately the right mix of colors.

Instructions: Arrange 3 to 4 colors so they touch or overlap. Now view the colors through the ColorScope™ by moving it slowly across your colors until the mirrors reflect all the colors. Rotate the ColorScope™ and observe the color combinations. Move closer or farther away to change the pattern size.

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