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A guide for evenly spaced stitches. 8 sizes are available.

Tiger Tape™ - 8 Sizes


A guide for evenly spaced stitches. 8 sizes are available.

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A guide for evenly spaced stitches. Great for straight line quilting, blanket stitch and any craft that needs a guide. Just follow the lines to make perfect stitches every time. Reuseable. 30 yard roll.

8 sizes are available:

  • 9 Lines/Inch and 12 Lines/Inch - 1/16" Flexible - Perfect for gentle curved line quilting. It is also helpful with applique stitching. Hand quilting cables and feathers can easily be accomplished with the accurate markings.
  • 4 Lines/Inch - 1/4" - Perfect for blanket or buttonhole stitching. Marked at 4 lines per inch, this was created to be used with all the great pearl cotton threads that are being made. Use this Tiger Tape for equal spacing when making Christmas stocking embellishments, wool pattern embellishments, fusible applique and more. This size can also be used for big stitch hand quilting as well. Simply follow the lines and your handmade quilt marches along to completion. The stitch looks great and the stitches are even, too. Use this also to teach children how to quilt, sew and top stitch.
  • 9 Lines/Inch - 1/4" - Perfect for straight line quilting, buttonhole stitch, top stitching or any craft that needs a guide.
  • 12 Lines/Inch - 1/4" - Our most popular Tiger Tape! This adhesive backed tape is perfect for many sewing applications. Because it is marked evenly at 12 lines per inch, it can also be used for blanket stitching, hemming, embroidery stitches, top stitching, cross hatching or any craft that needs a guide line.
  • Big Stitch Style Tape -1/4" - Use pearl cotton 8 and a size 5 embroidery needle to make your big stitches. It's fast and easy. Starting at the pair of lines, simply go down a line and up the next line to make perfect even big stitch style stitches. The larger stitch will be on the top side of the quilt. You'll love the look, and the hand quilting goes really fast.
  • Half Square Triangle Tape - Scant 1/2" - Place two same size squares of fabric, any size, right sides together and put a strip of Tiger Tape diagonally matching center line to points. Sew along outside edge of tape on each side. Remove tape and cut down the center on the diagonal. No more lines to draw. Perfect half square triangles every time.
  • 4 Lines/Inch - Long Arm Tape - 3/4" - A guide for machine quilters.
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